18 August, 2010

artistic freedom. do what you want. but just make sure that the money ain't GONE.

i've been on pause for the past year.  why, you ask?

it takes money to release music.  and i'm currently skint.  i hope to change this situation soon.  hahaha

on the upside, i do have product.

so, big money.  big money.  no WHAMMIES.

11 September, 2009

is this thing ON?

so here's the inaugural blog post for our neuest musical endeavour.  a record label/studio with a penchant for the d.i.y. ethos.  a [1] one boy, [1] one girl operation. our attitude is pure PUNK, but our aesthetic is pure POP! music [and love] make the world go round & it's our love of music that fuels us.

a lot of really great music out there never gets the chance to see the light of day because the bands responsible can't find an avenue to showcase their songs.  we felt like we fell into that category.  taylor & i are the [2] two halves of indie pop band the jealous sea.  we are obsessed with the idea of being able to record & release our own output of songs.  bigger indie labels exist & sure--we'd love to be on a few of them, but we wanted the option to do it ourselves.  bedroom POP star! gives us this opportunity. 

there quite a few micro-indie "record" labels out there that serve their function : getting the music out to the "masses."  that's cool & we appreciate that.  but too many of them opt to "release" the great music in a less romantic fashion.  cd-r discs & digital downloads seem to be de rigueur these days.  we at bedroom POP star! like physical product that you can hold in your hand.  the act of taking a real screenprinted compact disc out of its packaging.  the ritual of taking a record [7", 12" or whatever's inbetween] off of a turntable & flipping it over to hear the b-side.  and though digital files are great & oh-so-convenient, they can't match that feeling alone.  

we are an upstart little label with big ambitions.  we love the idea of bringing old school & new school together.  ie, physical product as well as digital downloads.  both camps have their fans [and detractors].  we'd love to appeal to both.  making the music available is what's important.  [though we're all about limited edition pressings.  hehe]     

inspired by the nouvelle vague, 60's soul singles, french pop EPs, the c86/shoegaze/twee/indie/dream pop scene & too many other things to mention we hope to achieve what we set out to do.  MUSIC FOR ALL.  ALL FOR MUSIC.